Transform Your Audio into Text with Speed and Precision

At CW Business Center, we specialize in providing fast, accurate, and affordable business transcripts. Our service seamlessly converts any audio file provided by you into a professionally formatted word document, saving you time and effort.

Efficient Pricing and Billing

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, set at $40 per hour of typing. You will receive an invoice upon the completion of the transcription work. Typically, 1 hour of audio takes approximately 4 hours to transcribe, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your business needs.

If We Can Hear It, We Will Type It!

No matter the content or format of your audio, our dedicated team is ready to transcribe it with precision. From interviews and meetings to lectures and presentations, we handle it all with accuracy and attention to detail.

Accessible Services

We prioritize accessibility for our clients by accepting all forms of media storage. Whether you provide audio recordings on CDs, USB drives, or through online platforms, we can efficiently transcribe them into text. 

Experience the convenience of accessing accurate and affordable transcripts swiftly with CW Business Center. Contact us today to get started and streamline your business documentation process.

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